Soaps & Bags

Sojila World Soaps are handmade and well crafted to cater for all skin types, while mitigating skin problems that many people encounter. Organically made with natural dried herbs, there are no preservatives added. Natural oils and natural alcohol are created, and inherently become special ingredients. A local well established soap manufacturer acts as the main Sojila world soap producer. For a simple reason: they have been doing it right for a long time. Their expertise and experience is outstanding. 

Different soaps heal different skin problems. Ranging from acne, sun burns, black spots to uneven skin tone. Just to name a few. With sustainability in mind, all soaps can also be purchased in environmentally friendly bags.

We have designed the soaps to align with the planet’s needs, as well as our people’s wellbeing. Our soaps help keep the drainage clean, don’t clog and foster smooth water flow. Choose from a range of scrubbing and smoothening soaps to perfectly align with your current skin needs. Sojila organic soaps take care of all these aspects.

Our motto has always been “from theory to practical”. We make sure all soaps get lab-tested, incorporating knowledge from our forefathers and expectations in our herbs. This guarantees that genuine procedures and herbs are used, and our direction is scientifically reinforced.

Africa is well known for its powerful herbs that can be ingested or applied externally. Therefore we also offer the following medical products in addition to our daily bathing soaps. 


Activated Charcoal







All these antioxidant products yield extraordinary results.

Sojila organic herbal soaps make skin care easy, combining ingredients and treatments into a single bar that would otherwise require multiple products.

We will continue to innovate in future remedies, based on skin type research, as well as the application of ancient herbs.